Friday, June 3, 2011


Thank you again to all our lovley designers and of course all of you bargain shoppers !

we are so pleased to announce that we have reached 100 subscribers within the sale subscribers inworld
and are so pleased with our progress, especially within the short amount of time the sale has been running!
Keep those subscribers coming in, invite your friends, shop the bargain shop with family and most of all
fill up your wardrobe and house with fabulous high quality bargains

1. KizARMA Couture

Its the perfect summer outfit for girls who want to scream a statement , comes with a colour change hat, various t-shirt layers and a pair of Luxurious white capris.

2. Condemned designs

Sexy red lingerie



lysistrata skin oliv, cop., shape cop/mod.


featherdress in black cop/mod

4. Madness Inc

A simply elegant diamont necklace and bracelet set. hud driven,copy/mod

5. MiMo Couture

Cute complete outfit, black leather riding boots included

6.[PB&J] Prim Busters & Jelly


PB&J] Texture Change Fully Stocked Bar: 35 prims full bar, 12 texture options, 4 texture options in stools, 4 sits per stool, bartender's poseball with bartender's hand towel, 65 drink menu


[PB&J] Fridge & Stove Set - White: Sculpted fridge and stove/oven. Oven is touch/open close. 16 prim stove, 6 prim Fridge.


[PB&J] Corner Decor: 4 prims, copy/mod set with step stool, broom & dustpan and vaccuum

7. LoonAtic Wear

Outfit for a Neko girl ... includes Shirt/FlexiSkirt/Thong/Sox/Gloves/Choker/ArmBelt/LegBelt/Boots/Ears/Tail

8. Jabberwocky



Sculpted Smileys, Sculpted Cupcakes

9. Ley-Ly Fantasies Formal Wear

black lace neglige'

10. Rowanessque Emporium


Copy no Mod, no Trans
What you see here is what you get, rubber plant, rhododendron, loquat, huckleberrybush, in round and square pots. Not phantom. You also get a spare round and square pot incase you break one. Water plants regularly :)


Silk kimono for those hot summer nights, little low lag shoes, a beautiful trouser suit or skirt for you to mix and match.
This one is red but there is another one in gold, you get both
for 50 Lindens.